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"Historical Local Wooden Railroad Cars"

"Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company wooden box cars Nos. 100 and 102 (original numbers 66 and 68) were built in the P&S.R. Petaluma shops in May 1910. Salvaged at Cotati and restored by Duncans Mills Trading Company, July to November 1982.


North Shore Railroad wooded open platform passenger car built by St. Louis Car Company in 1902. Acquired by Duncans Mills Trading Company June 1983. Partially restored July and August, August 10 moved to Duncans Mills.


     Restoration continued through November 1983 . . . Siding built 1982 and extended in 1983. All restoration financed by Duncans Mills Trading Company . . ."

"More information concerning history of railroad cars and the restoration procedures at the Depot . . ."

December 1983                       A. F. Wallen

Duncans Mills Trading Company




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